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Fish Details

Scientific Name Gadus morhua
Common Name Atlantic Cod
FAO Area FAO 27
Catch Method Trawls
Country Caught ICELAND
Country Processed ICELAND
Sustainability Certification MSC

Our Quality

High quality tastes better! We only work with trusted fisheries and suppliers that have the same quality and sustainability values that we do. We rigorously inspect every lot of fish to ensure that what goes into our products is only the fish that meets these high standards. Our Atlantic cod is caught in the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It is hand-cut from whole fillets, not treated with any solutions or chemicals, and flash-frozen for the freshest taste and quality.


We’ve partnered with the sustainability experts at the Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life at the New England Aquarium to ensure you always enjoy responsibly sourced seafood.

Atlantic cod caught in Iceland is from a healthy stock, and the amount at reproductive age continues to increase. Strong management measures have maintained and protected this healthy population level. Although longlines targeting cod incidentally catch seabirds, managers are working on developing measures to reduce these numbers. Bottom trawls catch many other species with cod and because they contact the seafloor, can potentially damage habitat. Gillnets also interact with non-target species including marine mammals, especially harbor seals. The Marine Stewardship Council and Iceland Responsible Fisheries Management initially certified all of these gears in this fishery in 2012 and 2010, respectively. The fishery continues to improve sustainability of fishing practices by reducing fishery interaction with marine mammals through mitigation measures, such as the use of high frequency sound to deter mammals from gillnet gear; and monitoring and reducing seabird and habitat impacts. The certifications are scheduled for review in 2022.

More about the Fish

Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) is from the family Gadidae and is a marine benthopelagic fish, living near the bottom and in the open ocean. Atlantic cod are heavy-bodied with a large head, blunt snout, and a distinct barbel (a whisker-like organ, like on a catfish) under the lower jaw. Atlantic cod can live more than 20 years, grow up to 51 inches and weigh 77 pounds.

Atlantic cod is a favorite for its large white flakes and mild, non-fishy taste. Atlantic Cod has less moisture content, more firm texture and a sweeter flavor than Pacific Cod (Gadus microcephalus).

Cod is the official state fish of which state?

Fishing Areas

Atlantic Cod is found on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean including eastern and northern coasts of North America, along the coasts of Greenland, and from the Bay of Biscay north to the Arctic Ocean, including the Atlantic waters around Iceland, the North Sea, and the Barents Sea.

Cod Habitat Map
1-19% 20-39% 40-59% 60-79% 80-100%
NOTE: Distribution range colors indicate probability of natural occurrence of Atlantic Cod.
Map courtesy of AquaMaps

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