Our Menu

Cod Box

Black Bean Crusted Cod

with Roasted Corn & Red Pepper Salsa
Haddock Box

Crispy Beer Battered Haddock

with Classic New England Tartar Sauce
Everything Crusted Cod Box

Everything Crusted Cod

with Classic New England Tartar Sauce


Deep down, you want mouthwateringly amazing dinners every night. Deep down, when you’re making food for friends or families with food allergies or restrictions, you want everyone to be able to enjoy the same foods. Deep down, you want to eat fish from a company that not only looks out for your wellbeing, but the wellbeing of people in need. Deep down, you want to make sustainable choices in your life and in your food.

About the Fish

High Quality Tastes Better

All of our products start with the highest quality fish that is sustainably sourced because you want fish that tastes great and that you can feel good about where and how it was caught. High quality fish to us means fish that is less processed and that meets our rigorous quality and sustainability standards. It is the fish you would use if you were cooking at home. It is cut from whole fillets, not treated with any solutions or chemicals, and frozen fresh. We are so proud of the fish that we use that we print a catch code on the top of each carton so you can look up where and how your fish was caught.

Atlantic Cod
Keta Salmon

Giving Back

Share the Sea

When it comes to nutrition, seafood packs a punch but is a rare commodity in food banks. Over 42 million Americans have limited access to nutrient-dense food. The simple fact is that healthy food is expensive. SeaShare is the only non-profit dedicated to increasing the amount of high quality seafood available at food banks and feeding centers. Over the past 24 years, SeaShare has delivered more than 220 million seafood servings to food banks and feeding centers. Hook Line and Savor is proud to partner with SeaShare to help them further this essential mission and will be donating 5% of profits to SeaShare for each item sold.